@nxtend/ionic-react 3.0.0

Devin Shoemaker

Devin Shoemaker

Maintainer of nxtend

The @nxtend/capacitor Nx plugin has finally been released, and an accompanying @nxtend/ionic-react update has also been released. The headlining feature for this release is the ability to generate a Capacitor project by default with new Ionic React applications.


  • generate Capacitor project with application by default
  • upgrade @testing-library/jest-dom to 5.11.0
  • upgrade @testing-library/user-event to 12.0.11

Breaking Changes#

  • @testing-library/user-event was upgraded two major versions (11.0.0) (12.0.0)

With this update, developing cross-platform applications in a monorepo architecture has never been easier. I'm incredibly excited to see what users do with this technology, and I can't thank Nrwl and Ionic enough for their work.

To learn more about the new @nxtend/capacitor plugin, visit the release blog post or the Getting Started documentation.

To upgrade, follow the official upgrade documentation.