@nxtend/ionic-react 3.0.4

Devin Shoemaker

Devin Shoemaker

Maintainer of nxtend

A bug was introduced with @nxtend/ionic-react 3.0.4 where @nrwl/react would not get installed to the users dependencies properly. This required new users to manually install @nrwl/react before using @nxtend/ionic-react.

Bug Fixes#

  • fix Collection @nrwl/react not found error if @nrwl/react is not added manually

Due to recent changes, a user would encounter a "collection not found" error if they did not manually add @nrwl/react before using the @nxtend/ionic-react plugin.

This change now adds a requirement for users to execute the init schematic before the application schematic, but seems to be the best compromise at the moment. For various reasons, this has always been the recommended workflow in the (../../../../docs/ionic-react/getting-started) guide so this should not be a disruptive change to users.

For information on upgrading the plugin, visit the nxtend upgrades documentation.