Release @nxtend/ionic-react 3.1.0

Devin Shoemaker

Devin Shoemaker

Maintainer of nxtend

This is a pretty typical maintenance release with a few package updates. The most notable change is @testing-library/cypress which introduces some breaking changes which you can read about below, or in the release notes.


  • update @nxtend/capacitor to 1.1.0
  • update Ionic to 5.3.2
  • update Ionicons to 5.1.2
  • update @testing-library/cypress to 7.0.0
  • update @testing-library/jest-dom to 5.11.4
  • update @testing-library/user-event to 12.1.5


  • @testing-library/cypress
    • get and query queries (which have been deprecated) have now been removed. Use find queries only.
    • TS: TypeScript type definitions have been brought into this module and no longer needs to be referenced from DefinitelyTyped